Springfest 2018 by Robert Lamb

You'd think that somehow Sumospeed's annual Springfest show couldn't get any better, and yet it does.  The weather wasn't totally cooperative and did shower briefly, but otherwise it turned out beautifully.  And the cars on display were spectacular.  Some of my favorite shots below with the rest on the Sumospeed Facebook page!

Springfest 2017 by Robert Lamb

WOW!  What a hell of an event Springfest turned out to be this year.  Picture perfect weather, huge crowds, drift demos, mobile dyno, low car limbo, and of course tons of amazing cars and trucks both inside and out of the beautiful Virginia Beach Convention Center.  Here are a few of my favorite shots with the full 450 photo set on my Facebook page!

Springfest 2017 Roll-In by Robert Lamb

Springfest is a multi-day affair for the Sumospeed team. Load-in for the inside show cars took most of Saturday but gave some of us photographers and videographers an early peak at what was in store for Sunday.  Here are a few of my favorite shots with the rest on my Facebook page.

Sumospeed Team Shoot by Robert Lamb

Before the madness of Springfest, the Sumospeed team got together for a shoot in the Virginia Beach Convention Center. Did some group shots plus a few individual cars.

Springfest 2016 by Robert Lamb

They said it would rain - it didn't!  The weather held out, the crowds showed up by the thousands and it was the biggest and best Springfest yet!  Amazing work by the entire Sumospeed team, beautiful venue, and of course awesome cars, trucks and bikes.  Some of my favorite shots are below with the rest on my Facebook page!

Springfest 2016 Prep and Roll In by Robert Lamb

Putting on a show with hundreds of cars and thousands of spectators takes a huge amount of work and coordination.  The Sumospeed team made it look easy at roll in the day prior.  Here are some of my favorite shots, the full album posted on my Facebook page.

Springfest 2016 Social Media by Robert Lamb

I was hired by the awesome guys at Sumospeed to create a series of images leading up to their premiere event of the season, Springfest.  I built products for sponsors, countdowns, and informational graphics - all shared across their various social media platforms.